What Is Email Spam?

Email spam is also known as junk email and this is unsolicited messages that are sent in bulk which is also called spamming. Most of the email spam messages will be commercial in nature but whether it may be either commercial or not, these spam email messages are quite annoying and also they are very dangerous as they will have links that will take you to some annoying sites or websites which may contain malware and also sometimes the email spam messages will contain malware as file attachments. But sometimes spammer can be useful for website or business promotion.

Email addresses are collected by the spammers from newsgroups, customer lists, websites, chat rooms, and also they will use viruses for harvesting the address books of the users. Then the spammers will send the email spam messages to the email addresses that are collected and sometimes the email addresses that are collected will also be sold to some other spammers for money or any other benefits. 

Common techniques for creating and sending spam email messages

There are many techniques for creating and send email spam messages and also many techniques are also evolving. The following are some of the common techniques for creating and sending email spam messages. Appending, backscatter spam, blank spam, image spam, and so on where mail appending is a technique in which a marketer will have one database that contains the name, email address, telephone and so on of the customers and by using this email address, they will send email to the customers where the email that is sent to the customers are not requested email.

Image spam is also known as image-based spam and this is an obfuscation method where the text of the message will be stored in the GIF or JPEG format and this will be displayed in the email and by this way, it will prevent the spam filters that are based on text from blocking and detecting spam messages. This image spam will often contain nonsensical and computer-generated text. 

Blank spam is a type of email spam that is lacked with a payload advertisement where the message will be missed and also the subject will be missed. Blank spam will be sent in the form of a directory harvest attack or dictionary attack in order to gather valid addresses from the service provider of email. Blank spam will occur when a spammer fails or forgets to add the payload. 

Backscatter is the side effect of email worms, email viruses and email spam and it will happen due to the misconfiguration of the email servers for sending a bounce message to the sender of the envelope while quarantining or rejecting the email. 

Common types of email spam messages

There are many types of email spam messages and also many types are also evolving and the following are some of the common types of email spam messages. If your email message is spam when it also the commercial advertisements but it will come under the guideline of CAN SPAM act in the United States. If a business got your email address, by default they will always subscribe you to their newsletter as this a low-cost way for selling their products. Most of these emails are harmless and also you can use the unsubscribe option to not receive these type of emails in the future but still after unsubscribing, if you got these emails you can update your email setting for filtering the emails that are sent from the particular address of the sender.

One of the common spam tactics is antivirus warning ironically and these emails will inform you about the virus infection to your computer and also it will offer the solution for the particular virus infection. But if you click the link there is a chance for the hacker to access your system and to the hacker the download some malicious file to your system. So it is best for you to not click such a random email link. 

In the Email spoofing attack a spammer will pick a brand of the company such as a bank and then he will start to create the email message by using the exact logos and formats of that particular company brand so before starting to use that email you can also verify with the company about the email.